MEG FAGAN, Producer

Arts at Tenri

Arts at Tenri has a mission to promote the appreciation of international art forms and foster cultural understanding, harmony and community by presenting both performing and visual arts of the highest caliber in a supportive, intimate setting. To fulfill this mission, they host a monthly series of Western and Japanese chamber music concerts, and maintain a gallery space with on-going, year-round exhibitions featuring performers and visual artists of every nationality. The excellent acoustics and intimate gallery setting, with its changing exhibitions and wall installations, offer audiences a superb setting for listening to both traditional and contemporary music. The wooden floor is also appropriate for intimate dance concerts.

James Nyoraku Schlefer has been the curator for the Japanese chamber music concerts since 2004. In Spring 2009, Arts at Tenri began presenting the program in collaboration with Kyo-Shin-An Arts. This arrangement provides KSA with a venue at which it can present components of its own programs and individual commissions, plus showcase its partner ensembles when appropriate.

Arts at Tenri is located in the The Tenri Cultural Institute at 43A West 13th Street, in Manhattan.


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